Are You Going To Give Up?


Give up? Wave the white flag of surrender? Throw in the towel? Call it quits? Are you going to lay down and let the Devil have his way with you? David goes to his God and it’s in God’s presence where his spirit is revived. He receives comfort and encouragement from his God. Literally, in the Hebrew, he gets his strength back. Weakened by his loss, he finds strength in his God. Brethren, the Devil wants you to be all wrapped up in your troubles because he wants you to stay sorrowful. He’s hoping that if you stay focused on your troubles long enough you will lose faith and hope. You will be demoralized so that you can’t fight him, chase him, and recover everything he’s taken from you. He’s hoping you will remain in the dumps and be depressed because he knows that the joy of the Lord is your strength, Nehemiah 8:10.****

** **

Brethren, when bad news comes, don’t let your bad news end with bad news. Go to God in prayer. You will find the comfort, courage, and strength you need. Let God speak to you. Let His words fill you with hope, peace, and rejoicing. May your bad news end with good news from the Lord! That’s my prayer for you. May God bless you. Dear God, When I am lonely and, Perhaps I feel despair. Let not my ailing heart forget, That YOU hear every prayer. Remind me that no matter what, I do or fail to do, There still is hope for as long, As I have FAITH in YOU. Let not my eyes be blinded by Some folly I commit. But help me to regret my wrong, And to make up for it. Inspire me to put my fears, Upon a hidden shelf, And in the future never to be sorry for myself. Give me the restful sleep I need, Before another dawn, And bless me in the morning with The Courage To Go On.