There is hope for a tree cut

“For there is hope of a tree, if cut down, that will be renewed, and its shoots will not cease. If the land to its aging roots, and the stock thereof die in the dust, the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant. “Job 14.7-9.

This illustrates the biblical word in a beautiful example of hope. It is a word of restoration and perseverance when all seems sad, when all seems lost and hopeless. And the tree, which can have several meanings, turns out to be the symbol explored in this short but powerful passage. Imagine a tree cut down, with only its trunk still standing. The green is gone, the drought gripped the area. She herself, without color or life, is completely dry, ugly and abandoned. The life I had that tree is gone. That beauty, that size, that presence, no longer exists. However, an interesting detail that can be seen in many of these “deserts” is that despite the apparent death of that place there is still a chance for a fresh start, and it can be seen from a small green branch that originated dead trunk. Where could only be seen death, a sign of hope appears to give a new chance at life.

And what is expected of a tree? May it bear fruit, it offers a good shade, she serves as a reference point for good things like meeting with friends, animal shelters and protection from rain, wind and sun. Yes, the tree is a sign of life, a respectable signal quickening power that covers all the living beings. But the opposite happens when this tree loses its life. Everything is dry, life is gone, no one admires the beauty of that tree, no one looking in search of a good fruit. Death steals all his virtues.

What I use here to expose my message is the comparison that the Bible itself makes between the tree and being – human comparison that can be clearly seen in many verses. We as people who surrender their wills to God, we know that just as the tree must bear fruit, we also have to surrender our spiritual fruit so that people see in us the light of Christ shining. Fruits that these passengers were not like an apple or a watermelon that are material), but fruits that remain (the spiritual, as good works, good deeds).

Interestingly, the fruits are made to bless people. Just as the fruit of a tree to serve food to people, so our good attitudes (which are also fruits) are used to bless the needy. Job was a man who spent a moment of pain without size. All had deserted him. Just as a tree around, the man took the suffering had lost family, friends. His body was consumed by the disease. Her beauty was no more. “Green” Job was lost. He could not bless nor himself nor others with their fruits, for he had none to offer. And how sad was that! He could not help himself, much less to others!

There are numerous types of trees that we can use as a symbol for our everyday life. One of the most important relationship is the tree, dead tree that is unfortunately in many people’s lives. They are children that do not relate to parents, discord in couples, friendships destroyed and so many failed relationships. Unfortunately, time and the events that follow often cause the relationship that was at the beginning end up dying slowly. Causes the “green” to go missing. Those who had a close friendship in the past end up moving away from each other over time.

Isolation: a threat to the relationship. Contention: another serious danger. And that care, that zeal of wanting to be with the loved one and help whenever I need it? Where has he gone? Many hearts in our days are dry, hard shell filled with a dead tree. Those happy times where everything flourished, prospered, often end up dying and being forgotten altogether. How many who are not couples who begin their relationship with great pain of caring, feeling, concern. But the hatchet of discord, betrayal, the coldness, of ignorance just to come in full force and destroying a tree constructed with so much love.

Vigilance is important. Prudence is essential. Love builds fake anything, but true love endures forever and slash action this ruthless ax that has destroyed so many relationships. Unlike the ax of God, pruning the tree and keeps nice and purified, the ax of the adversary is ruthless and only aims to destroy everything good that tree and its fruit spreads completely.

We must pay close attention to the root of our tree, it is from her that we stand on the ground (the good things) and do not contaminate our body with all the trappings of our secular world as lying, prostitution, drugs, anger and many other atrocities that do nothing but to contaminate the whole body of that tree (and its interior, as is the case of our soul). Establish our roots in Christ and his teachings is the basis for a successful life. And I say more: we have determined the size of our success. Christ is there, the doors of our hearts, just waiting for us to come to open it for it to enter and bring life to our tree, the fruits invigorating and strengthening all areas of the body green and beautiful.

“Behold I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice and opens the door, come in to him and will sup with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20.

The important thing is not only a good start, but stay well until the end. Many are those who chose to follow Christ along the way but were defeated by the afflictions of life. Before you start poorly and finish well than start well and end badly, in failure. The path of those who follow Christ must be led by the constancy, and not for a moment. The stumbling blocks of life, withdrawal and depression lead to spiritual death. It makes the person start believing that there are no chances of restoration to your life. And that’s where people make mistakes. God is, was and always will be a God of hope and miracles and refund!

Ever seen a tree, a plant live without being watered by water? Ever seen it grow stronger without some kind of fertilizer? These things symbolize the spiritual maturity. Symbolize the interest in the word of God, by prayer, watchfulness. We need spiritual strength to go on the hike. Everyone needs spiritual food that sustains you, that structured. The word of God is this food, and it can not be ignored. Want to win for your life? Want to give good results? Then fertilize your tree. Water your tree. Do not leave, do not let it start anyway. Your life is precious, important.

The hope can not die. It is said there that “hope is the last to die.” I have to disagree with that statement, because it preaches a false hope. She speaks of a hope after all, dies at the end. And it does nothing. Our hope can not die. She has to stay until the miracle happens and the return takes hold of our tree! What man can say that the material has no solution, God says he has. Perhaps you or someone can find that any water is not enough to bring life to a tree that long since died. The miracle of God makes this possible is absurd.

Do not give up playing water. As much as all seems lost, do not give up. The area that is destroyed will be returned. There will be new branches, a new plant will rise, stronger. There is but hope for a tree that was cut. Yes there is hope for your life, your dreams, for their projects. Let God be your gardener. Let Him control your life and sustain you with his strong hands. Trust Him and begin to contemplate what was dead. The green beauty and fruits once again be part of your life. Do you believe? Then accept Jesus today and end this suffering. Finally, let a passage spoken by Jesus himself to us all:

“Anyone who comes to me and hears my words and notes, I will show you whom he is like: It’s like a man which built an house, and digged, and opened deep and laid the foundation on the rock, and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake, it was founded upon a rock. But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man which built an house upon the earth without a foundation, in which the stream beat vehemently, and immediately it fell: and great was the ruin of that house. “Luke 6:47-49.

May God bless them through this word!